• All factory scheduled maintenance 5k, 10k, 20k, 40k and 60k services
  • 40k Tune Up Service; Replace oil and filter, refill with Liqui Moly full synthetic, Replace air filter and cabin filter, replace spark plugs, clean throttle body, rotate tires and set all tire pressures, run OBD2 diagnostic scan of all control modules with print out, test vehicle battery, top off coolant and washer bottle fluid, reset service light, TDI replace fuel filter and complete 29 point inspection check out sheet.   
  • Every service includes a 29 point inspection check out sheet: visual inspection of your vehicle, under hood and on hoist, Measure tire tread, inspect tires for abnormal wear, measure brake pad life, check and set all tire pressures, inspect drive belt, raise vehicle and inspect for fluid leaks, check steering and suspension bushings and dust boots, Inspect exhaust and mounts, check CV boots for tears, check battery and cables, inspect windshield wipers, check all exterior lights and horn operation 
  • We use Liqui Moly Vw and Audi approved full synthetic oil which meets Vw spec 505 01 for gas engines and 507 00 for diesel engines 
  • Check engine lights: Come in for a free check engine fault scan and code printout. We can fix your check engine light and provide a estimate for proper repair, We are factory trained VW and Audi check engine light specialists. We will diagnose your vehicle's check engine light, find and fix the problem and get your trusty vehicle running like new  
  • Repair of all warning lights including;   Airbag, ABS,  Check Engine, Tire Pressure TPMS, EPC, traction control, low coolant and oil lights.  
  • Brake pads and rotors, fix brake squeak, vibration/pulsation and grinding, we service brakes using only the highest quality OEM replacement pads from Textar and high carbon rotors available
  • Brake fluid flush, keep air and moisture out of your brake fluid, reccomended every 30,000 miles
  • AC system diagnosis and repair  
  • Timing belts, recommended every 90-100k, TDI 130k  
  • Water pumps and radiators
  •  Electrical diagnosis 
  • Test batteries, alternators, starters and wiring
  • Locate and repair all engine oil and coolant leaks  
  • Transmission repair and replacement, automatic, DSG, tiptronic and manual.  
  • DSG and automatic transmission service, drain transmission fluid, replace OEM transmission fluid filter and refill with new trans fluid DSG Trans service recommended every 40k miles  
  • APR software tuning now available
  • We use only the highest quality German OEM parts available to service and repair your vehicle
  • Call us anytime with Vw and Audi Questions (714) 841-3107

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